Docker Tutorial | Nodejs + Express + Mongodb + React + Redis + Nginx

How to use Docker to build and develop Nodejs, Express, Mongodb, React, and Redis applications.
How to use Docker with Nginx and Gitlab to automatically deploy to DigitalOcean.

Author: Dev A.T Viet Nam


Getting started:

cd api
docker build -t devatvietnam/rest-api:v1 .
docker run -it --rm --name rest-api -p 5000:5000 devatvietnam/rest-api:v1

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Commonly used commands in docker:

  1. Build a image.
    docker build -t "image-name" .
    docker build -f "" -t "image-name" .

  2. Run a container.
    docker run -it --rm --name "container-name" -p 5000:5000 "image-name"
    docker run -it -d --rm --name "container-name" -p 5000:5000 "image-name"
    – with -d: detach -> run a container in the background.

  3. Stop a container.
    docker stop "container-name"

  4. Stop all running containers.
    docker stop $(docker ps -a -q)

  5. Show all images.
    docker images

  6. Delete a image.
    docker rmi "image-id|image-name"

  7. Delete all images.
    docker rmi $(docker images -q)

  8. Show all running containers.
    docker ps

  9. Show all containers.
    docker ps -a

  10. Delete a stopped container.
    docker rm "container-name"

  11. Delete all stopped containers.
    docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

  12. Kill all running containers.
    docker kill $(docker ps -q)

Commonly used commands in docker-compose:

  1. Build and rebuild a image.
    docker-compose up --build
    docker-compose -f "" up --build

  2. Run and start containers.
    docker-compose up
    docker-compose -f "" up

  3. Stop and clear containers.
    docker-compose down
    docker-compose -f "" down

  4. Stop and clear containers, volumes.
    docker-compose down -v
    docker-compose -f "" down -v


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