This Docker stack is a simple example of how to run a ASP.NET Core Web API, React, and MongoDB in Docker containers. The stack is composed of the following components:

  • ASP.NET Core Web API 6 as the backend
  • React as the frontend
  • MongoDB as the database
  • Additional MongoDB container for seeding the database with data

It also includes the following features:

  • Authentication and authorization with JWT token
  • Admin panel for managing exporting/importing data from/to database to/from JSON/XML file
  • Charts for visualizing data
  • List of movies/anime filtered by genre
  • Data is obtained from external APIs. You can find the documentations for them here: and
  • List of watched/planned to watch movies/anime for each user, with the ability to add/remove them from the list and change them to the opposite list


The instructions assume that you have already installed Docker and Docker Compose.

In order to get started be sure to clone this project onto your Docker Host. Create a directory on your host. Please note that the demo webservices will inherit the name from the directory you create. If you create a folder named test. Then the services will all be named test-web, test-redis, test-lb.

Clone the project

git clone

Build and run the project

docker-compose up --build

After the build is complete, you should be able to access the application at http://localhost:3000.

Database contains two created users:

Views of the application

login page
Login page
register page
Register page
home page
Home page
genre chart
Genre chart
list of movies by genre
List of movies by genre
admin panel
Admin panel
list of watched/planned
List of watched/planned
add to list
Add to list
edit element in list
Edit element in list

This project was created and maintained by 70masz and SaesonMS


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