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I created a browser-based HLS downloader as a software developer with a passion for video streaming and the latest web technologies. I noticed that there were fewer browser-based tools available for downloading video streams that use the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol, so I saw an opportunity to fill this gap and set out to create a website that would allow users to easily download HLS streams for offline viewing or archival purposes inside from their browser and purely client side.


Try it now from here. Please note it only supports these browsers.


  • Support DASH Protocol
  • Custom header Support




If you have any feedback, please reach out to me[at]thetuhin.com.


Contributions are always welcome! Please create an issue first if you are changing the core principles of the project. Thank to these people and services for testing and making the product better @browserstack, @killerlearner.

License and Legal

This project is licensed under Apache-2.0. This project is made as a proof of concept and solely for educational purposes. As a user, you should not use this service for piracy. I will not be responsible if you do so. The Internet has good and bad, consume good ones.


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