Dynamic Island 🏝 for ⚛️ React


pnpm add react-live-island
# or
yarn add react-live-island
# or
npm i react-live-island


import LiveIsland from 'react-live-island';

const Demo = () => {
  return <LiveIsland>{(isSmall) => (isSmall ? 'small' : 'large')}</LiveIsland>;

Edit react-live-island


Prop Type Default Description
className string '' Class name of the island
top number|string 10 Top egde of the island
smallClassName string '' Class name of the small island
smallWidth number|string 96 Width of the small island
smallHeight number|string 30 Height of the small island
largeClassName string '' Class name of the large island
largeWidth number|string 400 Width of the large island
largeHeight number|string 180 Height of the large island
largeRadius number|string 36 Border radius of the large island
wrapperClassName string '' Class name of the whole container
triggerType 'click'|'hover' 'click' Trigger mode for open
initialAnimation boolean false Whether show animiation on enter
onChange (isSmall: boolean) => void Call when the island open & close
children (isSmall: boolean) => ReactNode Render funtion to define the island’s content


MIT License (c) nanxiaobei


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