veJOE Calculator

Easily calculate your Liquidity Farming yield using this simple calculator!

This site is my (late) entry for the TraderJoe veJOE calculator bounty. It uses React.js, Typescript, and TailwindCSS to calculate LP yield based on your veJOE balance!

It is hosted now using Vercel at



Clone the repository locally without any Git history.

$ git clone --depth 1 --single-branch your-project-name

$ cd your-project-name

$ yarn

Starting Development

Start the app in the dev environment:

yarn start


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via an issue.

  1. Fork the Project
  2. Create your Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/AmazingFeature)
  3. Commit your Changes (yarn commit)
  4. Push to the Branch (git push origin feature/AmazingFeature)
  5. Open a Pull Request and leave some comments!



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