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Introducing Slickr ✌️

Slick is the most powerful and the easiest app to create beautiful cover images for your hashnode blog. Slickr lets you be flexible by handling backgrounds, gradients, patterns, images, icons, bookmarks, uploads and a lot more. You can drag, resize and position your components and give a new feel to your blog. When you’re done export it as PNG, JPG, or SVG. Say hello to Slickr ?

Read blog to understand better ?

? Demo

Try the App: Slickr

? Features

Slickr comes up with a whole bunch of amazing features to provide you the best experience, Here’re some of our best features.

Supercharge your hashnode blog with slickr.

  • ? Draggable, Resizable, Wrappable
  • ? Upload your Images and use it
  • ? 32,000+ Icons (powered by iconsfinder)
  • ? Use Images from Unsplash
  • ? Save Icons or Images
  • ? Edit Everything (text, color, size, family, weight, lineheight etc)
  • ? 4 way backgrounds (Solid, Gradient, Pattern, Image)
  • ? Share Images (Get Public Share URL)
  • ? Dark mode
  • ? Join using Google, Github, Facebook
  • ? Fully Responsive
  • ? Fast Downloading
  • ⤵️ Export as PNG, JPG, SVG

Enjoy creating cover image for your hashnode blog like never before, get started in seconds ✨️

?️ Installation Steps

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
  1. Change the working directory
cd slickr
  1. Install dependencies
npm install
  1. Create .env file in root and add your variables

  1. Run the app
npm run dev

You are all set! Open localhost:3000 to see the app.

? Contributing

? Built with

? What’s next

Slickr is a special project made to empower the amazing hashnode community in the hop to see great articles with beautiful covers. Here are some of my plans ahead for Slickr ?

  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for components
  • history of created covers (in progress)
  • Export as GIF (in progress)
  • Collaborate with patner
  • Templates
  • Better Position Tracker
  • Rotatable, Scalable, Groupable Components

?️ License

This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details.

? Deploy

?‍? Author

? Savio Martin

? Support

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Slickr needs a ⭐️ from you


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