Happy Harvesters Apple Orchard Game

A browser based game that is also mobile friendly so you can finally say “How about THEM apples”.

Game Description

This is a grow-your-own apple orchard simulator app game.

Grow your own apple tree, sell apples, and make money!

Use your hard earned profits to buy more trees


Upgrade your enterprise and sell delicious:

  • apple pies
  • apple sauce
  • apple juice! Yum!

User Story

  • As a grade-school child, I am looking for a fun game I can play on the internet SO THAT I can be entertained and learn about running a make-believe apple business.

  • As a parent, I want a browser-based computer game that is family friendly and easy to play SO THAT my kid can have some free time and stay safe on the web.

  • As a person on the move, I want a multi-platform game SO THAT I can play no matter where I am and what device I’m on.

Tools, Technologies, Languages

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JSX
  • React
  • Node
  • GraphQL
  • Jest for testing purposes
  • MongoDB, Mongoose
  • Apollo
  • Express.js

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Clone the repository

git clone [email protected]:scottrohrig/apple-orchard-games.git

Navigate into the repository’s root directory

cd apple-orchard-games

Install dependencies

npm install && npm run install

Run the project in development mode

npm run develop

Future Ideas

  • Mutant Pineapples / Holiday Event
  • Other fruits: Peach? Orange? Pear?
  • Auto Harvesting / Selling?
  • Daily apple jokes on log-in
  • Custom Artwork, more animations
  • Sound effects


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