React + NextJS + Webpacking

Example of computing proofs for the zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts sample repo in the browser. The majority of the work is done by the zkp-merkle-airdrop-lib which in turn uses the work of the iden3 team’s circom libraries. In this repo it’s installed as a submodule in zkp-merkle-airdrop-lib.

Proof computation takes 20-60s in the browser depending on the machine.



  • gh repo clone a16z/zkp-merkle-airdrop-fe-ex -- --recurse-submodules
  • Install: npm i
  • Run local: npm run dev


This example front-end depends on the following locally served files:

  • mt_8192.txt – Sample merkle tree from zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts/test/temp/mt_8192.txt
  • circuit_final.zkey – ZKey used by proof generation
  • circuit.wasm – Circom wasm used to generate circuit proof by snarkjs

The library includes imports for server-side only libraries. Because this usage is browser based, this repo ignores them during webpacking in next.config.js.

Testing locally


  • clone the zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts repo: gh repo clone a16z/zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts -- --recurse-submodules
  • install: cd zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts && npm i && npx hardhat compile
  • start a local Hardhat node: npx hardhat node

  • open a new terminal, clone this repo: gh repo clone a16z/zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts -- --recurse-submodules
  • install: cd zkp-merkle-airdrop-contracts && npm i
  • deploy: npx hardhat run --network localhost ./scripts/deploy.ts
  • note the deploy locations of the ERC20 contract and the PrivateAirdrop contract logged to the console

  • open a new terminal, navigate to this repo’s directory zkp-merkle-airdrop-fe-ex
  • launch the front end: npm run dev
  • navigate to localhost:3000 a browser
  • point browser wallet at localhost:8545 (see “Adding Hardhat local…” below)


  • Collect some ETH: Transfer 1 ETH from the default Hardhat signer to the browser’s wallet address
  • Query Balances: Check the current ERC20 balance for the provided address
  • Calculate proof and collect airdrop:
    • Enter a key and a secret (samples below) and hit “Calculate Proof”. This is a 20-60s operation.
    • Once the proof is displayed in the “Proof” section, you can enter a “PrivateAirdrop Contract Address” and hit “Collect Drop”.
    • Querying for the ERC20 balance to confirm receipt.
    • Rinse and repeat.

Sample keys and secrets

key secret
0x0049a9ef3d7fd63b5db0a70c83721ca7e53e092e3edb54de90b07e3e069258fc 0x003dbe3ecc58da8d8f530d24733846a794fc1047d58ab81fe2dfb240bbc2e994
0x00818a031d8fae48b4685fad60bfb880451bdb0718181b224e45b27b9cd21dd6 0x002966f64f1829eaefa9971f07294364c9ec106b4381ab373356e6ae16897c61
0x0076f5375cb69a8b00cacb2dfbbf2f9f521ece9bc37676968e403e3aa42d283c 0x00284cddbdb17bca11bd55822cda81e28d91f8c0fc021fb1d82d32ca93b2488b
0x00372045d58eff4521feba2696634c589c522c26b8252440fdc05588b36b0b9d 0x00d5940fd9784bbfd8e69760cd8d7f469f685e1acddc1156d8d9910a8a5fd72c


Adding Hardhat local dev chain to Metamask

  • Click the “Networks” drop down and then click “Add Network”
  • Fill out with the following settings:


These smart contracts are being provided as is. No guarantee, representation or warranty is being made, express or implied, as to the safety or correctness of the user interface or the smart contracts. They have not been audited and as such there can be no assurance they will work as intended, and users may experience delays, failures, errors, omissions or loss of transmitted information. In addition, any airdrop using these smart contracts should be conducted in accordance with applicable law. Nothing in this repo should be construed as investment advice or legal advice for any particular facts or circumstances and is not meant to replace competent counsel. It is strongly advised for you to contact a reputable attorney in your jurisdiction for any questions or concerns with respect thereto. a16z is not liable for any use of the foregoing and users should proceed with caution and use at their own risk. See for more info.


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