Example: Invoking React Components from Ember

This repo contains a runnable demo that shows how to invoke a React component from an Ember app.

Run it

  1. pnpm install
  2. cd app && pnpm run start

Understand it

  • some-react-lib is intended to stand in for your library package that contains a React component.
  • app is the Ember app


  • this example assumes your JSX is in a separate NPM package, so we’re importing it via ember-auto-import. If instead you want to make JSX work inside your app’s own package, you would need to move @babel/preset-react into the app’s own babel config.
  • remember to install ember-modifier. It’s not part of the default Ember app blueprint.
  • make sure your app declares its dependency on your library, otherwise ember-auto-import won’t be able to import it.
  • It’s a good idea for the library to declare a peerDependency on react so that it will definitely share the app’s copy.


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