Generate getStaticProps exposing top level identifiers


npm install recma-nexjs-static-props


This plugin is intended for use with Next.js and MDX. It injects a getStaticProps function which exposes all top level identifiers. This means these variable are available in pages/_app.js.

import nextMDX from '@next/mdx'
import recmaNextjsStaticProps from 'recma-nextjs-static-props'

const withMDX = nextMDX({
  options: {
    recmaPlugins: [recmaNextjsStaticProps],

export default withMDX()

This roughly transforms the following MDX:

export const title = 'My document'
export const description = 'This is my document'

Hello Next

into the following JavaScript:

import { jsx } from 'react/jsx-runtime'

export const title = 'My document'
export const description = 'This is my document'

export default function MDXContent() {
  return jsx('p', { children: ['Hello Next'] })

export const getStaticProps = () => ({
  props: JSON.parse(


The default export is a recma plugin which exposes variables from the top-level scope in Next.js through getStaticProps.


  • name: The name of the export to generate. (Default: 'getStaticProps')
  • include: A list to filter identifiers to include in the generated function. This list may include strings which must be matched exactly, a regular expression to test against, or a function that will be called with the value to test, and must return a boolean. If a value is specified which doesn’t exist in the document, it will be ignored. By default everything will be included.
  • exclude: The same as include, but matching values will be excluded instead.


The source code repository for this plugin is setup as a Next.js project.

To try it yourself, simply clone, install, and run this project:

git clone
cd recma-nextjs-static-props
npm ci
npm run dev

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