Demo: https://facebook-cl-alimov.vercel.app/

Description: This project includes:

  • ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB;
  • React redux store to setup a global store;
  • Styles with CSS;
  • A strong authentication system, Register, login;
  • Reset Password;
  • Email verification by sending mail to users;
  • Formik, Yup, error massages form validations;
  • Follow, Unfollow, Friends requists: cancel request, accept request, delete request;
  • Create, Delete posts using emojis, backgrounds, images;
  • React, Unreact to post with different emojis;
  • Save, Unsave post, Download post images;
  • Crop, zoom, rotate, flip images using crooper;
  • Cloudinary to upload our images;
  • Search users;
  • Skeleton loaders while page loads;
  • Cookies and JSON web tokens (JWT);
  • Get, Post, Put, Delete – (CRUD);

To run this project follow next steps:

  1. npm install in server and client folders;
  2. You need configure your Keys which in .env file;
  3. npm run dev in server and npm start in client folders;


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