FAST FullStack React with TypeScript starter kit.

Quick Start

Just clone this repository into your own project folder. and start working

git clone <MyProjectName>
cd <MyProjectName>
npm install
npm run dev

If you want to detach from this repository into your own repository do this:

git remote remove origin
git remote add origin YOUR_REPO_URL
git push -u origin master


  • Simple to jump into, Fast because it is simple.
  • Separate tsconfig.json for client and server.
  • Client and server can share code (And types). For example: IUserDTO.d.ts
  • The client is bundled using Webpack because it goes to the browser.
  • The server is emitted by TypeScript because node now supports es6.


  • NodeJs 16.13.+, Chrome 79+ or FireFox 72+

Directory Layout

├── /node_modules/                    # 3rd-party libraries and utilities
├── /dist/                            # All the generated files will go here, and will run from this folder
├── /src/                             # The source code of the application
│   ├── /client/                      # React app
│   ├── /server/                      # Express server app
│   ├── /shared/                      # The shared code between the client and the server
├── /assets/                          # images, css, jsons etc.
├── .eslintrc                         # es-lint configuration
├── .prettierec                       # prettier configuration
├── .gitignore                        # ignored git files and folders
├── .nvmrc                            # Force nodejs version
├── .env                              # (ignored) Can be used to override environment variables
├── index.js                          # The server's entry point
├── package.json                      # The list of 3rd party libraries and utilities
└── tsconfig-for-webpack-config.json  # using TypeScript for the webpack config file
├──                         # This file

What’s included


  • npm run dev – Client and server are in watch mode with source maps, opens http://localhost:3000
  • npm run lint – Runs es-lint
  • npm run builddist folder will include all the needed files, both client (Bundle) and server.
  • npm start – Just runs node ./dist/server/server.js
  • npm start:prod – sets NODE_ENV to production and then runs node ./dist/server/server.js. (Bypassing webpack proxy)


All applications require a config mechanism, for example, SLACK_API_TOKEN. Things that you don’t want in your git history, you want a different environment to have different value (dev/staging/production). This repo uses the file config.ts to access all your app variables. And a .env file to override variable in dev environment. This file is ignored from git.

What’s not included

  • Universal (Server side rendering)
  • Redux/MobX (State management)


This code is released as is, under MIT licence. Feel free to use it for free for both commercial and private projects. No warranty provided.


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