A custom template based on NextJS in Typescript.

It includes the following libraries/frameworks:

The following are also setup:

  • Added useJoiForm that assists in using useForm with a joiResolver. This uses a custom class FormObject that would also assist you in creating the default values and schemas of your form.
  • Addded <QFormControl /> which can help create FormControls already integrated with react-hook-form. To use this:
    • you must wrap them in a <FormProvider />. More info here.
    • For nested or complex inputs (e.g, using <InputGroup />), use the control prop to set what component should be registered.
  • Chakra UI theme extended with a custom scrollbar and a full-height html page.
  • Custom Layout component that handles different layout options with a navbar and footer
    • To include footers in the layout, uncomment them in /components/Layout.tsx
  • ESLint setup using recommended rules
  • Custom prettier rules that includes automatic sorting of imports
  • Added next-connect and createApiHandler for handling api calls


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