Flipkar Clone MERN stack

Sijeesh Miziha’s Flipkart Clone is done with top-notch features for the entrepreneur startups like Flipkart it has RazorPay Integration and get money from anywhere. Trioangle gives Flipkart clone with the best features in mobile, web, and iOS platforms, Completely responsive design using Material UI.

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    • Clean JavaScript code with good folder structure.,
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    • I can provide full reference & installation documentation alongside detailed guides through my Youtube Channel Sijeesh Miziha feel free to subscribe
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  • Requirements to fork this repo
    • Strong knowledge of JavaScript
    • React js, redux , redux-thunk , context
    • Knowledge of Express js & MVC architecture
    • Basic knowledge in MongoDB & Mongoose

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Flipkart is one of the best and trending eCommerce sites with a presence throughout India. The online shopping website is for Buying and Selling products online within the network.

Sijeesh Miziha’s Flipkart clone is a ready-made remarkable multi-vendor eCommerce site built-in compleatly JavaScript that helps Entrepreneurs can start their own business like Flipkart, which allows the vendors to add products & users to buy the products easily with just a click.

Tech Stack

  • React js , Node js , MongoDB , Express js
  • Materiel UI
  • RazorPay integration


  1. Clone/Download the repo.
  2. Run npm install on client as well as server.
  3. Run npm start both server and client to spin the up the local dev server port 8000,3000,(http://localhost:8000),(http://localhost:3000).