Airbotics is an open-source robot mapping platform.


Airbotics is an open-source platform for managing robot maps with:

  • In-browser map editing.

  • ROS packages, API, client-side SDKs, CLIs, browser widgets.

  • Version history and reverting.

  • Access control for internal and external team members.


  • Discord for hanging out with people building and using Airbotics.

  • GitHub Issues for bugs and feature requests.

  • Twitter for receiving updates and announcements.

  • Email for contacting the maintainers directly.

Project Status

  • Closed Alpha: Shipping fast and often and should not be considered stable. Testing with a closed set of users.

  • Public Alpha: Anyone can sign up and use the platform, but please be kind as we sort out the kinks.

  • Public Beta: Stable enough for most use cases.

  • General Release: Production-ready and open to the world.


We love contributions! Please see our Contributing guide for more information.


Please see our Security policy for more information.


The software in this repository is licensed under Affero GPL v3.


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