YouTube Clone Building

A Full Stack clone of the YouTube web for Pet Videos that looks and works similar to the real one

#Live Preview – https://pettube—

should be able to:

  • signin using google authentication (oAuth)
  • fully functional video streaming and video play
  • Video Upload or delete uploaded video
  • Like, Dislike, Comment any video
  • Follow / Subcribe other users
  • watch history or liked videos library
  • account subcription follow up or subscription suggestions
  • Video watch time and like count

Framework Used –

Project Setup

  1. Add your node version in the “engines” section of the root package.json file.
  • You can find out your node version by running the command node -v in your terminal.
  1. Install dependencies for package.json files for server (in root of project) and for client (in “client” folder)

npm install
cd client && npm install

  1. Run dev script in project root to run both server and client scripts simultaneously.
  • Note: Make sure you are not in the “client” folder

npm run dev

Accounts Required

SetUp .env file with all Required

DATABASE_URL= (from heroku after creating account and setting up postgres database with heroku)

GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID= (from after creating account and credentials for oAuth)
GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET= (from after creating account and credentials for oAuth)

Note – If using any other schema or adding anything in schema need to update prisma schema with postgres

  • first migrate the schema using : npm run save
  • then up the schema using : npm run up
  • finally generate the schema using : npm run generate

for opening prisma studio use – npm run studio

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