Succinct – generate summaries for Youtube videos

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General information

Succinct is a fully responsive, progressive web app built with React, TypeScript & Google Cloud Functions. It allows you to quickly summarize the content of a Youtube video and learn about the topics & ideas discussed inside the text. It also allows you to choose your desired length of summary based on the total number of sentences in the video’s transcript.

gcloud_function folder holds the Python script that accepts a POST request consisting of the Youtube video URL and a percentage value representing the desired length of summary. It returns a JSON string that includes the summary, transcript and topics pertaining to the video. This script is hosted on a Google Cloud Function and extensively uses MeaningCloud’s various APIs

How to run locally

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Sign up for a MeaningCloud account to obtain your license key and add it to line 6 of gcloud_function/ file.
  3. Set up a Google Cloud Function using the files in gcloud_function/ folder. Authentication is not required but you can add it if you prefer.
  4. Run npm install in the home directory (same directory as this file) to install the required libraries.
  5. Run npm start to start the app locally on http://localhost:3000


We hope this application will be as useful to you as it has been to us. If you encounter any bugs, issues, have feature requests or general feedback, please feel free to leave a ticket in the issues section of this repository!

Built with

  • ReactJS – build good-looking, interactive UIs
  • Material UI – extensive component library for React
  • Google Cloud Functions – host scripts on the cloud that can be called from anywhere
  • MeaningCloud APIs – for text summarization, topic extraction and text classification using their machine learning models



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