Rapidpages is a prompt-first IDE for building great-looking pages. You simply describe the UI you desire and it will generate the code for that component using the technologies that are familiar to you (currently only React+Tailwind are supported).

git clone https://github.com/rapidpages/rapidpages.git && cd rapidpages

Edit the .env.example file to ensure the following values are set:

  • OPENAI_API_KEY: you need to get a key from OpenAI
  • GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET & GITHUB_CLIENT_ID: you need to create a GitHub oauth application to be able to login. Follow this guide from GitHub.

Create the database & run the application

npm run db:push
npm run dev

You can start using Rapidpages today on the cloud for free. If you run out of credits, feel free to ping us on discord.

Currently, the components are generated in one shot. In the future, this task will be broken down into multiple steps such as dependency retrieval and icon generation. This multi-step process will allow the creation of more complicated ui elements.