Pricing Page Generator

Pricing Page Generator is a tool that facilitates the creation of beautiful pricing pages using Shadcn UI, Tailwind CSS, and Radix UI. The generator allows users to customize tiers, frequencies, and visual styles, providing an easy and efficient way to generate code for React/Next.js pricing pages.


  1. Code Generation for React/Next.js:

    • Generates code for React/Next.js pricing pages, offering convenience for developers.
  2. Shadcn UI, Tailwind CSS, Radix UI Support:

    • Supports multiple UI frameworks, including Shadcn UI, Tailwind CSS, and Radix UI, giving users flexibility in choosing their preferred styling.
  3. Customization Options:

    • Enables users to customize tiers, frequencies, and the overall appearance of the pricing pages.
  4. One-Click Code Retrieval:

    • Allows users to retrieve the generated code with a single click, streamlining the implementation process.
  5. Responsive and Easy to Modify:

    • Ensures that the generated pricing pages are responsive and easy to modify according to specific requirements.
  6. Dark Mode Included:

    • Includes support for dark mode, catering to users who prefer a darker color scheme.

Pricing Page Generator simplifies the process of creating pricing pages by providing a user-friendly interface for customization and one-click code retrieval. The support for different UI frameworks enhances the tool's versatility, making it suitable for various React and Next.js projects.