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The library is to provide simple drag and drop functionality for solid-js.

It calculates dragging ref’s position and translate based on DOM interaction. Solid-js reactivity is doing the work to keep the DOM updated.

It comprises several small building blocks so that users can construct drag and drop functionality based on what they need.

  • Draggable
  • DraggableActions
  • Sensor
  • Activator
  • Detector

Storybook contains examples on how to construct them together.


Draggable contains ref that users can drag around.

If you want to add data to Draggable, you can add object to it, otherwise you can keep object undefined.

To create Draggable, you can use createDraggabble function.


DraggableActions manages Draggable. Draggable should be added to DraggableActions as part of createDraggabble call.

It should allow start, move, scroll, end, cancel events to happen on dragging Draggable.

To manage Draggable, DraggableActions delegates most of the functionalities to its Sensor.


Sensor senses start, move, scroll, end, or cancel events on dragging Draggable. It should modify the events accordingly before they are applied to dragging Draggable.

Most of the time you will need at least a MouseSensor and a ScrollSensor.

  • MouseSensor senses mouse events and movement. To start dragging, you can use MouseSensor#onMouseEvent.
  • ScrollSensor senses the scroll movement of dragging ref’s scrollable parents to update dragging ref’s position.

MouseSensor is a Activatable and it requires Activator to determine when to start dragging.


Activator checks when Activatable (for example MouseSensor) should start.

The simplest way to start dragging is to use InstantActivator.


Detector returns list of refs from otherRefs, depending on their position and size in relation to rect.

It can be used to detect if Draggable should be dropped in a Droppable.

It can also be used to detect if Draggable can be sorted against other Sortable.


Overlay is a component you can drag around without displacing Draggable.

Droppable and Sortable

Both Droppable and Sortable are implemented as Sensor.


Animation is not yet implemented, but it can be added as a Sensor so that you can call requestAnimationFrame in Sensor#onStart or Sensor#onEnd.

There is an example ScaleInSensor.ts.


Auto-scroll is yet implemented, but similarly it can be added as a Sensor.


The library uses pnpm as package manager.

  • pnpm lint to check tsc and eslint
  • pnpm build to build using rollup
  • pnpm test to run unit tests using Jest
  • pnpm test:playwright to run browser tests using Playwright
  • pnpm storybook to open storybook with all possible examples


WindowSensor does not work yet.


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