Project for Tonik. Project is about creating a simple GitHub repository search tool. I am using following technologies:

  • TypeScript,
  • HTML5.

Code is written in React Framework, I am using following tools:

  • Atomic Design,
  • Redux,
  • Saga,
  • React Navigation,
  • React Testing Library,
  • Styled Components,
  • Jest.

Project features:

  • Caching,
  • Loading element,
  • Sorting the table by stars, forks and updated time,
  • Pagination,
  • Changing the number of elements per page,
  • Delaying firing API request to the moment when the user stops typing.

How to start app:

  • Website:
    • git clone
    • npm install
    • npm run start
  • Tests:
    • npm run test



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