GitHub Searcher

GitHub Searcher is a simple app to help you track of Github informations. You could see the latest repositories, followers, following, most used languages, starred repositories, forked repositories, subscribing repositories of the searched user.

Tech Stack

  • React, Context API for state management.
  • React Router for Routing.
  • Github API
  • Tailwind CSS for styling.
  • ChartJS to build awesome charts.
  • Firebase for Authentication.
  • Framer Motion to create nice looking animations.
  • Toastify for the toasts.

Login with e-mail and password | | GitHub | | Google | | Twitter | | Sign Up with e-mail and password | Or just test the app with no sign-in & sign-up requirements.

  • I used Firebase Authentication for signing in and signing out. User has to create a user to enter the app. Without an account, user will be automatically redirected to the Sign In page. I managed that with Private Route.

Beautifully animated Main Page

  • Searching the typed GitHub user and fetching all the informations about user from GitHub API. I did all that with Context. I used higher order JavaScript functions: map(), reduce(), filter() and other reasonable methods like sort(), slice() and Promise.all().

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