Google Maps library that accepts markers as react components and works with React 18+.

It supports a small set of the props of Google Map React. Clustering also is possible. The library implements Google Maps Custom Overlays official library.

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yarn add -D google-maps-react-markers


npm install --save google-maps-react-markers


const App = () => {
    const mapRef = useRef(null);
    const [mapReady, setMapReady] = useState(false);

     * @description This function is called when the map is ready
     * @param {Object} map - reference to the map instance
     * @param {Object} maps - reference to the maps library 
    const onGoogleApiLoaded = ({ map, maps }) => {
        mapRef.current = map;

    const onMarkerClick = (markerId) => {
        console.log("This is ->", markerId);

    return (
            {mapReady && <div>Map is ready. See for logs in developer console.</div>}
                defaultCenter={{ lat: 45.4046987, lng: 12.2472504 }}
                onChange={(map) => console.log("Map moved", map)}
                {{ lat, lng, name }, index) => (
                    <Marker key={index} lat={lat} lng={lng} markerId={name} onClick={onMarkerClick} />

export default App;


Prop Type Required Default Description
apiKey string yes '' Api Key to load Google Maps
defaultCenter object yes { lat: 0, lng: 0 } Default center of the map
defaultZoom number yes 1-20 Default zoom of the map
libraries array no ['places', 'geometry'] Libraries to load
options object no {} Options for the map
onGoogleApiLoaded function no () => {} Callback when the map is loaded
onChange function no () => {} Callback when the map has changed
children node no null Markers of the map
loadingContent node no 'Google Maps is loading' Content to show while the map is loading
idleContent node no 'Google Maps is on idle' Content to show when the map is idle
errorContent node no 'Google Maps is on error' Content to show when the map has an error
mapMinHeight string no 'unset' Min height of the map
containerProps object no {} Props for the div container of the map


For clustering, follow this guide using useSupercluster Hook, but use bounds in this way:

const onMapChange = ({ bounds, zoom }) => {
    const ne = bounds.getNorthEast();
    const sw = bounds.getSouthWest();
    // useSupercluster accepts bounds in the form of [westLng, southLat, eastLng, northLat]
    setMapBounds({ ...mapBounds, bounds: [sw.lng(),, ne.lng(),], zoom });


MIT © giorgiabosello


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