Google material icons implementation for React.

NOTE: Version 1.0.1 release

  • Spelling mistakes corrected
  • Proptypes added
  • Unwanted dependencies for production is removed from dependencies


This package provides a convenient react component for using Google's Material Icons in your react application.



Import module using the following statement.

import MaterialIcon, {colorPalette} from 'material-icons-react';
  1. Rendering an icon is straightforward.
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" />
<MaterialIcon icon="alarm_on" />
  1. Change the icon size by using the size property.
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" size='large' />
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" size={100} />
  1. Invert the icon by using the invert property.
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" invert />
  1. Make the icon inactivate by using the inactive property.
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" inactive />
  1. Change the color of an icon.
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" color={colorPalette.amber._200} />
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" color={colorPalette.amber.A700} />
  • Using a custom color.
<MaterialIcon icon="dashboard" color='#7bb92f' />

Icon size matrix

Alias Size
tiny 18px
small 24px
medium 36px
large 48px