GoogleMaps layer as React component for Leaflet build on top of React-Leaflet.

The google maps layer is using the plugin from Leaflet.GridLayer.GoogleMutant

Also it uses google-maps, a wrapper for asynchronously download Google Maps API in the browser.


supported versions

  • "react-leaflet": "^1.9.1"
  • "leaflet": "^1.3.0""
  • "react": "^15.0.0 || ^16.0.0"

Getting started

import { Map, TileLayer, LayersControl } from 'react-leaflet'
import {GoogleLayer} from '../src'
const { BaseLayer } = LayersControl;
const key = 'Your Key goes here';
const terrain = 'TERRAIN';
const road = 'ROADMAP';


  <BaseLayer checked name='Google Maps Roads'>
     <GoogleLayer googlekey={key}  maptype={road}/>
  <BaseLayer  name='Google Maps Terrain'>
     <GoogleLayer googlekey={key}  maptype={terrain} />

For more details on how to use this plugin check the example.