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Harry Potter themed (not really) Graphical Password Authentication Flowchart and Architecture

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Background: Passwords are ubiquitous today on any platform, on possibly any website. But to remember so difficult passwords and that too on numerous websites seems daunting and therefore you can devise a project illustrating graphical password strategy. This will allow the user to set passwords in the form of graphical presentation in a certain pattern and later use that pattern to login on the system.

Summary: Remembering numerous passwords from various different sites can be difficult for a user. So to provide some flexibility we can provide users a graphical password authentication system where instead of creating a password a user has to select graphical objects in a particular order to keep it as their password.

Objective: In this method, the user is required to select some images (let’s say different chocolates) in a specific pattern (for example dairy milk is followed by 5 stars which is in turn followed by KitKat and so on). Next time the user tries to log in, the images would have been shuffled, but the user will be required to follow the same pattern which was used initially. Every time the user will have to use the same sequence while the images are placed in different ways. This type of authentication is difficult to break since neither brute force nor dictionary attacks could breach it. We need techniques that can be easily implemented and provide better results to this process.

  • Graphical Password with multiple rounds of security
  • Combination of Recognition based and Cue Based Graphical Password
  • Competitive strength to alphanumeric passwords with additional advantages like No Dictionary attacks, difficult brute force attacks, etc
  • Use of Hashes and Encryption algorithms for secure storage of data
  • An attempt to make this new type of passwords rememberable with image captionining and keywords prompts


Technology stack

  1. Node JS
  2. React
  3. Tailwind CSS
  4. Daisy UI
  5. Python
  6. HuggingFace
  7. Spacy
  8. MongoDB

Project Setup

Installing Dependencies

git clone

cd client/
npm i

cd server/
npm i

cd flask_server/
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m spacy download en

Environment Variables


UNSPLASH_ACCESS_KEY = your_key_for_unsplash_api
MONGODB_URL = your_mongo_atlas_url
PORT = try 4000


REACT_APP_UNSPLASH_ACCESS_KEY = your_unsplash_api_key


In three different terminals:

cd server
npm start

cd client
npm start

cd flask_server


Humans have greater ability to remeber images rather than complex alphanumeric passwords. Graphical scheme was introduced as a variation to the login/password scheme. It can improve the security of user authentication over that provided by textual passwords. They are immune to the common attacks suffered by other authentication schemes like dictionary attacks or brute force attacks.

Future scope

  1. Convert selected sequence of images to a rememberable sentence, and prompt questions based on that sentence during login
  2. Captcha based Password Auth
  3. Develop Extension to add graphical password for any website
  4. Change parameters according to password strength selected by the user


register grid_selection login_round1 graphical captcha


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