A mental health chat app for Courier Hacks!

Built Using

Typescript, Next.js, Firestore, Segment, and Courier.

Live Website Link

Be sure to checkout our live website at: https://helpq.vercel.app/

YouTube Showcase

Checkout our video demo below, where we show off Next.js, Firebase, Segment, and Courier in action!




We are big fans of the Bell Let’s Talk event, so we wanted to build something that could maybe be used for it!

What it does

HelpQ provides a simple way for people to anonymously talk to mental health professionals.

How we built it

We used Next.js for our front-end, and Firestore as our database. Firestore provides an awesome client, so there was no need for a back-end. On the landing page, users can sign in using google authentication, or they can stay anonymous. If an anonymous user needs help, then create a “lobby”, which will then trigger a Segment event, which then triggers a Courier automation to notify our authenticated users that someone would like to talk.

Other details: Deployed on Vercel, and we integrated Git hooks using Husky to keep everything clean – even as a team of two!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some issues with the react components that courier offers since we were on React 18.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Given we started 24h before the deadline, we are very proud of what we were able to spin up!

What we learned

Start earlier next time! Jokes aside – it was awesome to see just how powerful courier automations can be, all without a back-end!

What’s next for HelpQ

We’re looking to polish up our UI, get the react components working (toast and inbox), and improve the courier automation to send to a list of authenticated users.


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