The Panacea project

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The Panacea project is a small project to support game developers in their learning journey.

This repository have two main components:

  • A website (web/) hosted on
    • The web uses React, Next.JS and it’s hosted on Vercel.
    • Some known limitations are:
      • Not all games have a category. There is an item in my roadmap to fix this
      • Not all games from Ludum Dare are listed and this is also being fixed very soon
  • A Go program (scraper/), that indexes Ludum Dare games and categorizes them using different APIs

The website has an exhaustive list of Ludum Dare Compo entries, with their open-source links, overall Ludum Dare grade and, whenever available, which engine/language it was built with. Filters are your friend and all columns can be sorted.


  • Responsive CSS: right now the layout basically sucks.
  • Support for more providers besides Github
  • Support games outside of Compo category
  • Dark theme ?


  • Any contribution is welcomed ?
  • If you have any questions reach out via Issues or to me directly, via Twitter:



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