Local Setup:

  • Clone the repo
  • Install dependencies
    yarn install
  • Start next server
    yarn dev


Inspired from the states game in friends (season 7, episode 8) and, this is the version where you are challenged to name all the districts in Nepal.

Technologies Used:

I decided to start with an MVP of a simple static website made with Nextjs Nextjs provided me with the flexibility to shift to a dynamic website if needed later on. I used tailwindcss for styling.


Much of the data I got was from, although I had to correct some fields but most of it was okay. To my surprise, the total area of all the districts didn’t add up to the total area of Nepal. So, I cross-checked with wikipedia and there was a slight improvement but it’s still a little bit off.


These are features I want to implement if this project gets some stars/tractions. I am also open to contributions.

  • Animations
  • Casual and Hardcore modes
  • Leaderboard for hardcore mode
  • List districts by different factors like population, area. (Super hardcore)