React Native Iconsax


Iconsax is Perfectly balanced, 24px grid-based open source icons for React Native, Perfect for buttons, logos and nav/tab bars. Easy to extend, style and integrate into your project.


Icons converted from iconsax svg files into React native components and compatible with react-native-svg package.

Icons list available at iconsax.


  1. Make sure your have installed react-native-svg.
  2. npm i react-native-iconsax


import { ShoppingBag } from "react-native-iconsax";

const App = () => {
  return <ShoppingBag />;

Whole package can be included as below:

import * as Icon from "react-native-iconsax";

const App = () => {
  return <Icon.ShoppingBag />;

Icons can be customized by svg props:

<ShoppingBag stroke="#292D32" strokeWidth={1.5} width={24} height={24} />


All Svg property and the following props supported:

Prop Description Default
width Width of the icon. 24
height Height of the icon. 24
stroke The stroke prop refers to the color. "#292D32"
strokeWidth The strokeWidth prop specifies the width of the outline on the icon. 1.5
strokeLinecap StrokeLinecap defines different types of endings to an open path. "round"
strokeLinejoin Paths should appear at the point where two lines are joined together. "round"
fill The fill prop refers to the color inside the icon. "none"
viewBox Defines the position and dimension, in user space, of an SVG viewport. "0 0 24 24"


Ehsan Bigzad


This project is licenced under the MIT License.

All bundled icons are copyright to their respective author iconsax and mostly under MIT.


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