IOS Phone notification designed popup for React Component. ? Note: Still experimental. ? Next Targets for upcoming version:

  • Must redirect to mail compose screen with title and body on Button 1 click.
  • On Button 2 click, the popup should close.

Example data as an object passed as props to the ToastNotify component.

const options = {
    logo: {
      url: "",
      alt: "Playpoint Logo",
      name: "Playpoint"
    title: "Welcome to Playpoint!",
    description: "Playpoint presale will be live from May 16th to end of May.",
    shortDescription: "Get in touch at [email protected] for investing information.",
    buttons: {
      one: "Invest...",
      two: "Close..."


Just a bare example of how it works. It can be used over existing component, landing. It stays over the top with z-index: 2.


Just make a pull request to the main repo. ?


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