Capstone Project: Journi



Journi is the ultimate way to track your travel life. Simply create upcoming trips and capture your highlights as a beautiful timeline with notes and photos. Every pin on your personal map will take your mind back to the places you´ve visited. Your adventures are always just a couple of taps away – right there in your Journi-App.



Explore the hosted version on Vercel: Journi – Capstone Project

Important: This demo is optimized for mobile screen – please switch your browser to responsive mode (iPhone 6/7/8)

Tech Stack

  • React
  • React Router
  • React Testing Library
  • Storybook
  • Styled-Components
  • Node.js
  • Cloudinary
  • Leaflet
  • Mapbox
  • Axios

Project Setup

  • Clone this repository
  • Install all dependencies with $ npm install
  • Use env.example to create your own .env.local file
    • Add your Cloudinary Cloudname and Preset – Cloudinary
    • Add your Mapbox Access Token – Mapbox
  • Run app in development mode with $ npm start
  • Open http://localhost:3000/ to view it in your browser
  • Run tests via $ npm run test
  • Run Storybook with $ npm run storybook


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