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This is a companion to my Medium tutotial.

It is not production code and should be used for educational puproses only.

It seems that at this moment, testnet is experiencing a tremendous amount of tranffic which has rendered the network practically unusable. The faucets are down and the transactions are stuck. We will all have to wait for while.


git clone https://github.com/mmick66/jswallet.git
cd jswallet
npm install
npm start

Design Principles

Key derivation is the beating heart of a Bitcoin Wallet and most security concerns have to do with this first step.

My code is mainly intended as an illustration of the following pattern:

Key Derivation


This project was built using electron-forge. I have had problems building it in some machines and apparently the issue is not uncommon. In theory it should work like so…

npm publish


As stated above this is not production code.
It is set to work with testnet by default but by a simple change in the env.js it could well function with real bitcoins!