? Abstract

There are many underrated and unrecognized content creators who work hard every single day without much recognition. With the existing social media platforms, these creators do not get enough for the work they put in. What if we can help them by connecting their abilities with new-age tech?

⚒️ About the Project

We have built a dApp on top of the ethereum ecosystem by which content creators can mint their own NFTs and sell it to their fanbase. Users can also donate to these creators to show support to them by way of donation of some Crypto(in this case: ETH) and can avail some perks such as access to exclusive video NFTs. Apart from this, another feature which has been implemented is highlight extraction. In this, the creator can upload a specific video and highlights of important parts of the video can be generated from it and be sold as video NFTs as mentioned above.

?? Our Solution

Decentralized video storage means less censorship

  • Decentralized video storage allows video to be passed between users, free from the restrictions of any one platform. This will likely help creators bypass censorship, allowing them to share and monetize content that might not be accepted by YouTube or Instagram.

A new way to build up a fanbase before the video is released

  • Releasing posters or exclusive scenes as NFTs before a video or movie is released can build hype around the project.

Another way to release exclusive editions like in the blockbuster days

  • While the days of exclusive edition dvds are behind us, NFTs provide a new format for releasing special versions of videos and films by the content creators.

??‍?Tech Stack

  • React + TailwindCSS
  • IPFS
  • Ethereum Ecosystem
  • Symbl.ai, nltk
  • Metamask


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✨ Future Scope

  • Unique NFT Collections per video.
  • Recommendation of NFT Value based on number of likes and views.
  • Video highlights based on most replayed parts of the video.

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