Large SPA boilerplate use react redux webpack babel es6 express browsync nodemon...


  Large SPA application is hard to design, because a lot of things need to consider
  The boilerplate had solved the difficulty for you:
  > ES6
  > Modular
  > Component
  > Dynamic routing
  > Base64 encoding
  > File hash cache
  > incremental load
  > Compression combined
  > Time traveling debugger
  > Unidirectional data flow
  > ...


React-workflow is a large SPA
boilerplate for web development built on top of Facebook's
React library,use
redux architecture,
Node.js / Express server.
Containing modern web development tools such as Webpack,
Babel and BrowserSync,
nodemon and
gh-pages to deploy your site to git branch.
Helping you make site faster and modern.
For beginner and professional developer provide the starting point of a professional high-level react boilerplate.
This is not a isomorphic application (′⌒`).

Getting Started

Just clone the repo and run :

Note: your node version need >= 5.0.0

$ npm install
$ npm start

Other Commands

$ npm run lint      (lint your js files)
$ npm run start     (start develop model)
$ npm run publish   (copy file and publish your site to git `gh-pages` branch)
$ npm run deploy    (clean bundle server and deploy your application)

Directory Layout

├── /node_modules/               # 3rd-party libraries and utilities
├── /build/                      # build files
├── /client/                     # The source code of the application for client
├── /server/                     # The source code of express server
├── /tasks/                      # Build automation scripts and utilities
│   ├── /bundle.js               # Bundles the web resources into package(s) through Webpack
│   ├── /clean.js                # Cleans up the output (build) folder
│   ├── /webpack.config.js       # Webpack configuration for application bundles
│   ├── /server.js               # Launches the Node.js/Express web server
│   └── /deploy.js               # bundle and deploy build files to git branch
│   └── /publish.js              # deploy build files to git branch
│   └── /browserSync.js          # browserSync tools and webpack middleware
│   └── /start.js                # Launches the development web server with "live reload"
│── package.json                 # The list of 3rd party libraries and utilities
└── processes.json               # production settings for PM2

Learn More

Make Better

  • if you find bug or have new feature requirements, please let me know
  • welcome PR



Copyright © 2014-2015 marchen. This source code is licensed under the MIT
license found in the LICENSE.txt
file. The documentation to the project is licensed under the
CC BY-SA 4.0 license.