This course is unique as compared to other React introductions because this course attempts to teach you not only React but the ecosystem around React. When I was learning React myself, I found myself frustrated that it seemed like every tutorial started on step 14 and left out the steps 1-13 of how to set up a React project. React is nearly never used by itself, so it's useful to know the tools you're using. I believe you, as a developer, should know how your tools work and what purpose they're serving. Many times have I taught courses similar to this one to hear people using tools and complaining about them because they don't actually know why they're using them, just that they're necessary. As such, in this course, we show you how to build projects without using any tools at all and introduce the various tools one at a time, so you understand the actual problem being solved by the tool. Hopefully, given the knowledge of the problem solved by the tool, you'll embrace the tools despite their complexities due to the ease and power they offer you.

Who is this course for

You, hopefully. ? This course is for anyone who wants to know React better. The course assumes only a basic knowledge of JavaScript (start here if you need help with that). This course will equally be useful for people learning React for the first time as it is for people who have written some React but want to understand the tools better. If you have taken previous versions of this course, this course will feature current versions (as of writing) of all the libraries and update on all the new features that have since come out. This class will share much of the structure of v5 since I was really happy with how that course's narrative worked.

Who IS Brian Holt

My name is Brian Holt and I am a principal program manager at Microsoft. I mostly work on Azure, trying to make it the place you want to deploy your JavaScript code. I also get to work on the Visual Studio Code and TypeScript teams and help make those tools to make you more productive. I've been at Microsoft for about four years as of the writing of this course. Before becoming a PM at Microsoft, I worked in developer relations as well as a frontend and Node.js engineer at LinkedIn, Netflix, Reddit, and a couple of other smaller companies.

I have been working with React for a long time. Here's my tweet from when I launched Reddit's first instance of React.js from 2014. It's been an invaluable tool for me and one of the few tools that I have been happy to use for nearly seven years now. I'm a big fan and I'm hoping I can show you what makes me so happy to continue to use React.

When I'm not working or developing new Frontend Masters courses, you'll find me in Seattle, WA. I love to travel, get out of breath on my Peloton, play Dota 2 and Overwatch poorly, as well as drink Islay Scotches, local IPAs and medium-roast coffees.