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Enable everybody in your company to answer their own questions using data

connect your dbt project –> add metrics into dbt –> share insights with your team

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  • ? Familiar interface for your users to self-serve using pre-defined metrics
  • ?‍? Declare dimensions and metrics in yaml alongside your dbt project
  • ? Automatically creates dimensions from your dbt models
  • ? All dbt descriptions synced for your users
  • ? Table calculations make it easy to dig into your data, on the fly
  • ?️‍♀️ Lineage lets you see the upstream and downstream dependencies of a model
  • ? Simple data visualisations for your metrics
  • ?‍♂️ Save charts & build dashboards to share your insights with your team
  • ? Share your work as a URL or export results to use in any other tool

Something missing? Check out our open issues to see if what you’re looking for already exists (and give it a ?). Otherwise, we’d love it if you’d open a new issue with your request ?


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Quick start

1-click deploy

Deploy your own hosted Lightdash instance with Heroku (free account available). Check the documentation page for more details.


Run locally

Take advantage of our installation script to easily run Lightdash locally. Check the documentation page for more details.

git clone
cd lightdash

Sign up to Lightdash Cloud

You can avoid the hassle of hosting and configuring Lightdash yourself by signing up to the waitlist for Lightdash Cloud Beta . We’ll let you know once we’re ready to bring you on board ?

Getting started

Step 1 – ⚡️ Install Lightdash

Step 2 – ? Connect a project

Step 3 – ?‍? Create your first metric

Community Support

Join our community if you need help, want to chat or have any other questions for us:

  • GitHub – Discussion forums and updates from the Lightdash team
  • Twitter – For all the latest Lightdash news
  • Slack – Join the conversation! Get all the latest updates and chat to the devs

About Lightdash

? Keep all of your business logic in one place.

We let you define your metrics and dimensions directly in your dbt project, keeping all of your business logic in one place and increasing the context around your analytics.

No more deciding which of the four different values for total revenue is the right one (you can thank us later ?).

? Build trust in your data.

We want everyone at your company to feel like they can trust the data. So, why not show them that they can?

We bring the context you want around data quality into your BI tool so people know that they can trust the data.

? Give users meaningful building blocks to answer their own data questions.

With Lightdash, you can leave the SQL to the experts. We give your data team the tools they need to build metrics and dimensions that everyone else can use.

So, anybody in the business can combine, segment, and filter these metrics and dimensions to answer their own questions.

? Open source, now and forever

Lightdash is built with our community, for our community.

We think that a BI tool should be affordable, configurable, and secure – and being open source lets us be all three ?

? Affordable analytics

Love Looker, but don’t love Looker’s price tag?

With Lightdash, we offer a free self-hosted service (it’s all just open source!), or an affordable cloud-service option if you’re looking for an easy analytics set up.


Have a question about a feature? Or maybe fancy some light reading? Head on over to our Lightdash documentation to check out some tutorials, reference docs, FAQs and more.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

Want to report a bug or request a feature? Open an issue.

The Lightdash Forest

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Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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Mitja Potočin? Jose Rego? ? ? ? Rahul? ? ? ? Jeshua Maxey? Sreejith Madhavan? skame? ? sgoley?
djayatillake? ? ? Mukesh? ? Andreia Freitas⚠️ ? jb? ? ? Amy Chen? John Keech? Dr. Ernie Prabhakar? ?
PriPatel? ? NaomiJohnson? ? Rich Shen? ⚠️ ? David Gasquez? ? xjaner? Chris Bol? Anil V?
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Takaaki Yoshikawa? nkotlyarov? kim monzon? rverheijen⚠️ ? Spencer Carrucciu? Mark Olliver? gary-beautypie?
André Claudino? ?

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


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