Logster – login/register-page-app

Simple login/register-page-app created with React js.

Logster is a React app that has a Login, Register and Reset password features. This is just the Front-end of the app, no Back-end.



  • Login with username and password
  • Create an account
  • Reset password


  • React js
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

Live App

To view and test the app you can visit this link.

Packages & Libraries


Pull requests are welcome. Please feel free to submit an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

The process to start is simple, just make sure you have Node js installed in your computer.

First you need to go to project’s main directory which contains package.json file

cd [Repository-Directory] npm install npm start


cd [Repository-Directory] yarn install yarn start

.. happy Coding..!!


Reach out to me at one of the following places!

Final Words

If you like the app, please give it a star. It will mean a lot for me ?



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