Lyst is a fashion technology company, and premium shopping app.

About this project: ?

This is a team project, built by us in the Construct Week – Unit 4 at Masai School.

In this project we have tried to clone frontend of Lyst. Cart functionality has been added using browser’s localstorage and Redux. Project design is responsive for all screen sizes. This project is an effort to implement learning at masai and improve our understanding of the React.

Our Team Members ❤️

Pages & Features ?

  • Home Page: Nav Bar with drop downs, sliding banners & slider for Products.
  • Sign-In: User authentication to check whether user email and password match with details existing in the database.
  • Search: User can search for any of the products present in the website.
  • Product Category Page: Products created dynamically with filter by category, name and price.
  • Cart: User can see or remove products added in the cart. Also the user can not add data to the cart without signing in to the website.
  • Checkout Page: Users can increase, decrease the quantity of the product and can apply discount coupon.
  • Payment Page: Users can add their payment details, address and make payment.
  • Additional Features: Kept the branding, fonts, colors and favicon and titles consistent throughtout the whole site to give a feel like the original site.

Tech Stack

  • React js
  • Redux
  • Javascript – (Local Storage)
  • Tailwind
  • Material UI

Screenshots :

Home Page

Screenshot (103)

Screenshot (107)

Search DropDown

Screenshot (104)

Navbar DropDown

Screenshot (106)

Signin Page

Screenshot (109)

Responsive Home Page

Screenshot (108)

Products Page

Screenshot (111)

Product Details Page

Screenshot (112)

Cart Page

Screenshot (113)

Contact Info Page

Screenshot (114)

Payment Page

Screenshot (115)


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