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I completed the task in 5 days and Given my best efforts to Construct this project. In case of any suggestion and query feel free to connect me.


  • HTML
  • css
  • javascript
  • font Awesom icons
  • Chakra UI
  • JSON
  • React js
  • Project Description


    Max brings international fashion and value to discerning shoppers in over 325 stores across 16 countries.

    Launched in the UAE in May 2004, Max was established in India in 2006, opening its first store in Indore. Now, Max India has a reach that extends to over 60 cities. Boasting a loyal customer base of over 5.5 million, Max is the most profitable value fashion format in the region.

    Max offers apparel, footwear and accessories for the entire family – women, men and children. Customers can expect a world-class shopping environment stocking the latest in international fashion from around the globe, as well as Max’s own label of in-house designs in carefully chosen colour palettes. Shoppers enjoy great prices on an excellent range of over 3,000 styles every season, in brand new designs, silhouettes and fabrics.

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    Following are the Screenshots for the reference

    • Landing Page careful-seed-4617-inside-skismile75-gmailcom vercel app_

      • Sign-In Page Screenshot (1910)
    • Sign-In Page

    Screenshot (1908)

    • Product Page careful-seed-4617-inside-skismile75-gmailcom vercel app_ (1)

    • Product-details Page

      careful-seed-4617-inside-skismile75-gmailcom vercel app_ (2)

    • Cart-Page careful-seed-4617-inside-skismile75-gmailcom vercel app_cart

    • Checkout Page careful-seed-4617-inside-skismile75-gmailcom vercel app_cart (1)

    • Payment Page careful-seed-4617-inside-skismile75-gmailcom vercel app_cart (1)

    About Project

    T did this project within 5 days in my construct week.

    Vercel deploy Link


    the user flow that we tried to maintain is,

    home -> login/signup -> dashboard -> get started to products -> create user Id-> Enter email details -> choose products ->Cart page -> Product detail page-> -> Products Check out page -> order placed.


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