Medusa Express

Medusa is an open-source headless commerce engine that enables developers to create amazing digital commerce experiences.

Built with

Medusa: Commerce engine

Next.js: React framework

Stripe: Payment provider

Medusa React: Hooks and components for Medusa

Prerequisites: To use Medusa Express, you need a Medusa server. Check out medusa-starter-default for a quick setup.

? Get started!

1. Create your Medusa Express project

  git clone --depth=1 medusa-express

2. Install dependencies

  cd medusa-express
  # or
  npm install

3. Link your Medusa server

In your project, you should have a .env.template file with the following content:


Copy the template into a file used for local development:

mv .env.template .env.local

Your Medusa server runs locally on port 9000 by default. Make sure to update the above environment variable, if you’ve changed the port.

4. Try it out!

Start up both your Medusa server and Medusa Express and try it out!

Medusa Express is running at http://localhost:8000!

Important: Medusa Express requires existing product. Either seed your Medusa server with some dummy products, or create your own through Medusa Admin.


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