Micro-sized & micro-optimized select component for ReactJS.

This project was inspired by react-select. If you need some features not provided, I suggest checking that package out.


# npm
npm i react-window styled-components react-functional-select

# Yarn
yarn add react-window styled-components react-functional-select


Essentially, this is a subset of react-select's API, engineered for ultimate performance and minimal footprint. It is built entirely using React Hooks and FunctionComponents. In addition, most of the code I was able to roll myself, so there are minimal peer dependencies to worry about:

  • react-window leveraged for integrated data virtualization/windowing (easily handles data-sets numbering in the tens of thousands with minimal-to-no impact on normally resource-intensive actions like keying and searching).
  • styled-components to handle dynamic, extensible styling via CSS-in-JS (there is also the option to generate className attributes for legacy stylesheets as a fall-back option).

While still a work in progress, its current state should be suitable for many use-cases. Please feel free to contribute and/or make suggestions - specificaly, in the following areas:

  • Additional flexibility to the styling system. Currently handles simple-to-mid level complexity scenarios via styled-component's overrideable ThemeProvider. As a fallback, you generate static className attributes on container nodes.
  • The ability to handle complex, multi-select scenarios (while keeping with the theme of optimal performance in as few lines of code as possible).


Condensed BasicProps.story.tsx

import { Select } from 'react-functional-select';
import { Card, CardHeader, CardBody, Container, SelectContainer } from './helpers/styled';

type CityOption = {
  readonly id: number;
  readonly city: string;
  readonly state: string;

const _options: CityOption[] = [
  { id: 1, city: 'Austin', state: 'TX' },
  { id: 2, city: 'Denver', state: 'CO' },
  { id: 3, city: 'Chicago', state: 'IL' },
  { id: 4, city: 'Phoenix', state: 'AZ' },
  { id: 5, city: 'Houston', state: 'TX' },

const BasicProps: React.FC = () => {
  const [isInvalid, setIsInvalid] = useState<boolean>(false);
  const [isDisabled, setIsDisabled] = useState<boolean>(false);
  const [isClearable, setIsClearable] = useState<boolean>(true);
  const [selectedOption, setSelectedOption] = useState<CityOption | null>(null);
  const onOptionChange = useCallback((option: CityOption | null): void => {
  }, []);
  const getOptionValue = useCallback((option: CityOption): number => (, []);
  const getOptionLabel = useCallback((option: CityOption): string => (`${}, ${option.state}`), []);

  useEffect(() => {
    isDisabled && setIsInvalid(false);
  }, [isDisabled]);

  return (
          {JSON.stringify(selectedOption || {})}


All properties are technically optional (with a few having default values). Very similar with react-select API.

Property Type Default Description
inputId string undefined The id of the autosize search input
selectId string undefined The id of the parent div
idSuffix string undefined GUID that gets appended to inputId and selectId - when specified, generates ids for each individual option
ariaLabel string undefined Aria label (for assistive tech)
isLoading bool false Is the select in a state of loading - shows loading dots animation
isInvalid bool false Is the current value invalid - control recieves invalid styling
inputDelay number undefined The debounce delay in for the input search (milliseconds)
isDisabled bool false Is the select control disabled - recieves disabled styling
placeholder string Select option.. Placeholder text for the select value
menuWidth React.ReactText 100% Width of the menu
menuItemSize number 35 The height of each option in the menu (px)
isClearable bool false Is the select value clearable
noOptionsMsg string No options The text displayed in the menu when there are no options available
clearIcon React.ReactNode undefined Custom clear icon
caretIcon React.ReactNode undefined Custom caret icon
options array [] The menu options
isSearchable bool true Whether to enable search functionality or not
menuMaxHeight number 300 Max height of the menu element - this effects how many options react-window will render.
addClassNames bool false Should static classNames be generated for container elements (enable if styling using CSS stylesheets)
ariaLabelledBy string undefined HTML ID of an element that should be used as the label (for assistive tech)
openMenuOnFocus bool false Open the menu when the select control recieves focus
initialValue any undefined Initial select value
menuOverscanCount number 1 correlates to react-window property overscanCount: The number of items (options) to render outside of the visible area. Increasing the number can impact performance, but is useful if the option label is complex and the renderOptionLabel prop is defined
tabSelectsOption bool true Select the currently focused option when the user presses tab
blurInputOnSelect bool true IF device is touch-enabled ELSE false Remove focus from the input when the user selects an option (useful for dismissing the keyboard on touch devices)
closeMenuOnSelect bool true Close the select menu when the user selects an option
isAriaLiveEnabled bool false Enables visually hidden div that reports stateful information (for assistive tech)
scrollMenuIntoView bool true Performs animated scroll to show menu in view when menu is opened (if there is room to do so)
backspaceClearsValue bool true Remove the currently focused option when the user presses backspace
filterIsCaseSensitive bool false Search input takes case of option labels into account
onMenuOpen (...args: any[]) => void undefined Callback function executed after the menu is opened
onMenuClose (...args: any[]) => void undefined Callback function executed after the menu is closed
onOptionChange (data: any) => void undefined Callback function executed after a new option is selected
onKeyDown React.KeyboardEventHandler<HTMLDivElement> undefined Callback function executed onKeyDown event
getOptionLabel (data: any) => React.ReactText undefined Resolves option data to React.ReactText to be displayed as the label by components (by default will use option.label)
getOptionValue (data: any) => React.ReactText undefined Resolves option data to React.ReactText to compare option values (by default will use option.value)
onInputBlur React.FocusEventHandler<HTMLInputElement> undefined Handle blur events on the search input
onInputFocus React.FocusEventHandler<HTMLInputElement> undefined Handle focus events on the search input
renderOptionLabel (data: any) => React.ReactNode undefined Formats option labels in the menu and control as JSX.Elements or React Components (by default will use getOptionLabel)
getIsOptionDisabled (data: any) => boolean undefined When defined will evaluate each option to determine whether it is disabled or not (if not specified, each option will be evaluated as to whether or not it contains a property of isDisabled with a value of true)
getFilterOptionString (option: any) => string undefined When defined will take each option and generate a string used in the filtering process (by default, will use option.label)
themeConfig Partial<DefaultTheme> undefined Object that takes specified property key-value pairs and merges them into the theme object