eslint-config-100terres is a modern ESlint configuration for JavaScript and TypeScript that includes Airbnb, React, jsx-a11y and Pettier rules.

eslint-config-100terres is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome!

A bit of context

I was a bit tired to always re-create this little ESlint configuration each time I started a new project. So I’ve decided to create it once and for all.

Getting Started ?

To start with the eslint, it’s as easy has any other package. Simply use your favorite package manager. You’ll also need to install eslint and prettier with it.

Install ESlint and Prettier peer dependencies

Install ESlint and Prettier either locally or globally. (Note that locally, per project, is strongly preferred)

npm install eslint@8 --save-dev
npm install prettier@2 --save-dev --save-exact

Install eslint-config-100terres

npm install eslint-config-100terres --save-dev

Setup the configuration file

Using any file formats supported by ESlint, youll need to add "100terres" in the "extends" value of the configuration. Here’s an example using a .eslintrc.js file.

Using the basic JavaScript configuration

module.exports = {
  "extends": ["100terres"],

The configuration for TypeScript project

module.exports = {
  "extends": ["100terres", "100terres/typescript"],

And voilĂ ! You can now use ESlint with this config.

How to Contribute ?

Pull requests are welcome. If you’d like to contribute to eslint-config-100terres, that’s awesome. Simply open an issue explaining what we should change, improve or fix. If we decide that a change is required we can open a pull request and once everything looks good I’ll approve and merge the PR.


Licensed under the MIT license.


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