Movies Reviews

The purpose of this application was to build a WebApp for a user to add some movie and other users to send their opinions about that movie.


  • Build a FullStack Web App using ReactJS and Google Firebase
  • Login and Register accounts
  • Users can add movies
  • Users can search and add movie to favorites
  • Users can comment and delete comments in movie details page
  • Users can edit their profile and recover password


  • ReactJS (Custom Hooks, Components, useState, useEffect, React Router)
  • TailwindCSS (Styles)
  • Radix UI (Components)
  • Firebase (Auth, FireStore, Storage)

App demo

Testing this app

    # Clone repository
    $ git clone
    # Access the repository folder
    $ cd movie-reviews
    # Install the dependencies
    $ yarn
    # Run the application in development mode
    $ yarn start
    # The server will start on port:3000 - access http://localhost:3000/



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