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1. Key Features

2. Technologies I’ve used

Key Features:

🟢 Fully responsive clean UI.

🟢 Entirely mobile responsive.

🟢 spotify like music player.

🟢 Fully functional music player that allows you to go to the play and pause, previous song, next song, repeat, shuffle, fast forward and change volume.

🟢 We can search music, singer or album.

🟢 we can select any music genre.

🟢 Get the top songs in top charts tab.

🟢 Get the most popular artists in top artists tab.

🟢 Click the artist, you'll get the other related songs of that artist.

🟢 Click the song details, you'll navigate to the song details page where we can get the song lyrics and other related songs.

🟢 In around you tab, you'll get the popular music of the country you live in.

    *** I made it specifically for India by default, because I was getting some error from api end, while fetching the country name.

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Technologies I’ve used:

🔷  React => Entire front-end design of this app is made by Reactjs.

🔷  TailwindCSS => CSS utility class.

🔷  react-icons => icons.

🔷  React-router => navigate among views of various components.

🔷  redux toolkit => for state management.

🔷  Shazam Core => rapid api to get the songs.

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