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A Hacktoberfest Present ? for all React Beginners.


Description of the project:

The Next Gen AI Powered Todo-List App.

With an Integration of GPT-3 APIs, Suggestion to your next task comes right away.

The goal for the project is that one day, somewhere, all the people in a coffee shop, with a list of tasks to do, will be addicted to this. And you’ll be part of the Impact ?.

Originally designed to help Beginner Front-End Devs build a solid and real-world working app through the course of – Hacktoberfest’22.

All PRs To Be Merged From 1st October 2022

UI/UX Design

We have made designs upon which our project is based:

Figma Design

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Installing and Running

  • Fork the repo.
  • Clone the repo by running the command below in your terminal:

$ git clone
$ cd coffee-task

Now you are in your cloned repo of coffee-task.

  • run the command below to install all the packages and to run coffee-task on localhost:

$ npm install
$ npm run

? YAY! Now you can see coffee-task in your localhost port.


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All Contributors

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