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💡 Inspiration

  • Roadmap Runner was inspired by the common problems faced by individuals while trying to learn software development.
  • We recognized that finding the right resources, tracking progress, and staying motivated can be challenging.
  • Our app was designed to address these difficulties by providing expert-created roadmaps, progress tracking, consistency analysis, a leaderboard feature, and social sharing capabilities.
  • With Roadmap Runner, we aim to make the learning process more manageable, efficient, and effective, helping individuals achieve their software development learning goals.

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☀️ Description

Roadmap Runner is an app that simplifies the process of learning software development. Our app offers a range of features designed to make the learning process more manageable, efficient, and effective.

Some of these features include:

  • Expert-created roadmaps for various fields of software development
  • Progress tracking: users can track their progress through the expert-created roadmaps
  • Consistency analysis: users can view consistency analysis of their learning process
  • Leaderboard feature: users can stay motivated through the leaderboard feature, which allows them to see how they are doing compared to other users.
  • Social sharing: users can share their progress on Twitter, making it easy to stay accountable and stay connected with other learners.

Roadmap Runner is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to learn software development in an efficient and effective way.

✨ Features

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