No Spoilers! is the tool you need in the modern world of non-stop streaming to avoid having your favourite TV shows ruined by either friends or the Internet.

  • Allows the user to track the shows they are watching.
  • Provides links to a variety of websites (IMDB, Wikipedia etc) as they looked at the time the last episode that they watched aired.
  • Provides a forum for fans to discuss the show, filtered so that the user can only see conversations occurring about episodes they have seen.
  • Provides live chat functionality to link users up with other fans who have seen the same number of episodes as them.


Getting Started

You will need the Server repo to run this app. This can be found here.

You will need Node and MongoDB. You will also need a TMDB API key – you can learn about TMDB and register for a key here.


First clone both repos and enter the server:

git clone
git clone
cd No-Spoilers-Client/no-spoilers
npm i

Ensure you have followed the installation process for No-Spoilers-Server, then:

npm start

Tech Stack

React with Redux, Node.js with Express, TypeScript, Socket.IO, MongoDB with Mongoose, JWT, TMDB API and Wayback Machine API.


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