Star Wars

Star Wars is a React App that’s consumes an external Star Wars’ API.


First, download the zip or clone this repository into your personal computer.

Use the package manager [yarn or npm] to install the dependencies.


After that, you can launch the application using the following command:

yarn dev

How to use the app

On each page you can search for a specific character, movie, vehicle or spaceship. You can also save as a favorite to view in a different section.


The app basically:

  • “/”: Home page (Characters);
  • “/characters/:id”: Specific character’s page;
  • “/films”: Films’ page;
  • “/films/:id”: Specific film’s page;
  • “/starships”: Starships’ page;
  • “/starship/:id”: Specific starship’s page;
  • “/vehicles”: Vehicles’ page;
  • “/vehicles/:id”: Specific vehicle page;

What technologies does this project use?

The whole app was made with ReactJs. To style, it’s uses styled-components.

Others importants libs was used also:

  • React Redux (to save all favourites states)
  • Axios (to make requests to API);
  • Lottie (to make the animations with lottiefiles in JSON);
  • Lodash (to make debounce);
  • React Router DOM v6;
  • Polished;
  • React Icons.

About the author

The entire app was made by me.

All Data Provided By SWAPI





Star Wars


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