Notion like editor built on top of Tiptap.

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A ⭐️ to the repo if you ? / ❤️ what I’m doing would be much appreciated. If you’re using this extension and making money from it, it’d be very kind of you to ❤️ Sponsor me. If you’re looking for a dev to work you on your project’s Rich Text Editor with or as a frontend developer, DM me on Discord/Twitter/LinkedIn?‍??.

I’ve made a bunch of extensions for Tiptap 2, some of them are Resiable Images And Videos, Search and Replace, LanguageTool integration with tiptap. You can check it our here

Note: This is React version. Vue3 version will be coming ?


Visit for a live demo.

Video coming ?


❤️ Sponsor me to make it possible for me to work on . You can also show your ❤️ by ⭐️ing this repository. Your support means a lot.

Clone the repo, do something, make a PR. You know what’s the drill. Looking forward to your PRs, you amazing devs.


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